Bay of Quinte Sunset

Late Season Bay of Quinte Trophy Walleye

As I write this… snow showers are in the forcast, the water temps in the Bay of Quinte are lower than normal and the Walleye have been feeding heavily at nite.  The late October and early November moon phase has kept the trophy walleye bite fairly slow the past couple weeks.

Bad news?….not really…. the moon has to rise and fall and the fish have to eat.  I’d rather they (the walleye) go to a nite bite early in November and turn it on for a daytime bite in the upcoming weeks before we ice up.  There is never a perfect scenario but fish are fish.  Give Mother Nature a few blow days and we are looking at the beginning of the end of another charter season on the Bay of Quinte.

If your planning on booking a charter with myself or one of the other walleye charter guides don’t hesitate to  ask about our cancellation policy.  Late in the season is almost a day to day call on the conditions.  But when we can make it out…….Its LIGHTS OUT!

Watch for my upcoming article on Winter Boat Ramp Safety…..lots of preparation and courtesy go a LONG way in the winter months..both on the water and at the ramp.

Tight lines!

Nicholas “Walleye” Werner